Summer Stitching

This was May 2021 stitching, lots of porch sitting and contemplating what the "after shutdown" world would be like. It was so very wonderful to enjoy 2022 May Market today. Love my familiar folks and had the chance to refresh on 2021 new acquaintances. Nice gentle summer breeze, good switch up from the wildly unpredictable storms. Getting back in the groove stress just about did me in, I expect too much out of my  days, always lots to do in Spring. The warm weather has begun, looking forward to more porch sitting, walks, events and lots of growing inside outside around me under me over me all of it one big transformation, yeah! 
 I do like this May 2022 dye outcome along with less deconstructing in the button down compared to 2021 version. I think it is a reflection of me being more open to the shape of things, make the sweeping adjustment and keep it moving.