SO I "noted" from "content" gurus IT is imperative to capitalize blog titles. I'm feeling like 58 years of content is plenty long enough to abide by the rules- I feel like ripping paper and scribbling on fabric. I am more concerned about what I am listening to than who is listening to me. Go ahead say it, yes I have a clandestine relationship with my blog. I have to wonder how many authors feel the same about their unpublished stories. I'm ready to make marks and if  IT doesn't work out I will bury them in leaves and we will call it Autumn.  SPRING ME WILD N FREE THEN SPRING ME SOME MORE. This is life  things begin then give unto fruition and begin again, this is how it rolls in the natural world.  ,,,,,, geewhiz getting everything fired up has been exciting, especially throwing the dice with regards to wind and rain. All the fresh air has me up in the morning and sleeping well through the night. I have several projects in mind along with big ideas to keep me creating while I tend my fire.  If I haven't mentioned I love you please know I do and truly being your best self in a crowd of people makes a difference.