About Me

My name is Teresa and you are in my online Half Street Studio. I am a mixed media maker that thinks like a landscape painter, observing natural textures and rhythms in my surround to help me image my work. My approach reflects a creative journey with Lunar with Sol cycle energy, wild craft, resourcefulness, and purpose to honor the accounts recorded within each natural material. Leaves, well loved fabrics, natural stones and recycled metals tell adaptation stories. These narratives provide wisdom and character for me to build upon. 
Collectively my body of work exhibits a rustic, earthy, intuitively imagined character. Individually, each design reveals a unique combination of materials, construction and a diverse contribution in natural material characteristic. 
Jewelry pieces are hand hammered, flame solder joined, decorative metal foundations for natural gem and mineral focal adornments. 
Eco-refashions combine two skill sets, first upcycled clothing construction and second printing on natural fibers with leaves. To create a refashion garment I source, piece stitch together re/deployable post consumer clothing and remnant fabrics. Then, I print abstract motifs over my refashioned garment surfaces with locally gathered wind fallen leaves in a bundle-dye immersion process.
I am a limited edition, slow cloth, slow jewelry maker. My pieces are one of a kinds, hand fashioned with a mindfulness towards sustainable and ethical practice. I do not have a robust online selling presence with a personal preference to local sales or through my stockist. Even so, If you would like a custom piece please reach out I am happy to work with you.