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Had me at "Nomad"

Still with me ?! well good because I'm still with me too. Today I am diving deeper into Susan Lenart Kazmer's Nomadic Jewels  Intentional Metalsmithing Masters course. Yes #1 she had me at nomad #2 its too cold for me to wander outside for extended creative flow so I'm tapping back into my love for dimensional jewelry and wandering my little hands-ies over bits of precious earth. I love my simple work station and beyond love for Susan's instruction. I think you will see this rough stones and metal work marry into my stitched leaf coloured work flow. I surely can feel the romance sparks lighting my heart and I couldn't be more willing to push through these pandemic challenges to experience a new norm . All things Susan Lenart  can be found on her web site I'm picking up this story where I left off with creating beautiful edgy steampunk textile accessories my dearest artistic partner and Jewelry D'Art creator Ricky of  EDM DESIGNS. For the record all things e

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