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Coloring Outside the Lines

First quarter moon, 2019's first new moon and I'm stitching in a surround given to fruition cozily blanketed in a gentle snow. What feels right to me at this time is slow cooked meals, slow stitched refashions and spending time fully digesting lessons I'm learning with two online courses. I began this year decidedly set on simplifying all things, a process revealing itself to be not so simple. My thought is to address matters with planing an organization pattern/project with each new moon. I have calendared each moon phase dates and mentally set course with mounting a project completion in sync to the growing moons energy. This new moon was really going to be a get organized and ready to roll out with productivity. It's not happening as readily as I planned. I started in with sorting through stashed thrifted garments intended to be sewing projects. I also sorted again through paper stashes previously set aside by virtue of "I liked them and not ready to part with…

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