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CROQUIS: kroh-keez no it's not a dirty word , but sketching out my re-fashion ideas sounds alot like work! So, any good prime up for work begins with coffee /magazines and a good long exchange with an artsy friend. {you don't have to be a dreamer but it helps}. Given I put down all serious painting and drawing endeavors on the birth of #1 son Jan 22 1993 {with exception to throwing a compelling compassion for seasons at some oilstick paint landscapes}. I do own 2 copic markers, a lovely assortment of pencils/brushes/inks/watercolors etc... yeah me , heck right sadly they are still brand new tucked in privy with good intentions.  back to coffee and artsy friends I showed for coffee with a handbag of magazines, full on ready to sift the pages for my croquis tracing... no no no not the skinny elongated stylish swiftty runway swank {btw Muglee's apple danish is very inspiring } no no no plus sizes and curves, something real and Ruebenesque.  I ended up having a splendid catchu…

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