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I think I like the word "perspicacity" it weighs in with a little more thought than "intuition"

I was ruminating while walking (my idea of multi tasking). Having dedicated much enjoyment reading Landscape Artist past and present thoughts on rhythm.  Not so much gathering in good conversation these "new norm"days. Reading seems to help and  *cough buying books does of course too:). As I was saying/typing : I was feeling the need to validate if others considered rhythm and how that weighed in with their sensitivity (intuition) and thought process (perspicacity).  Artist are more inclined to communicate through media rather than words. Makes no sense at all for the world to expect visual people to also write and speak well about what and why they do what they do BUT IT DOES! Well enough but I'm often hard pressed to find more than glimpse or spurt  beyond artist statements/bios or collection titles. Peggy Immel, Landscape Artist , is very good with instruction hence words.  Peggy is my good go-to with regards to artist approach merged with …

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