Custom Request

Re-Fashion Custom Requests Available  May 1st thru October 1st  

Let's talk about your next amazing re-fashion! But first you may want to get serious with making some notes on your personal measurements and preferences. This process doesn't have to be a crazy wild journey with the measuring tape only to end up with a mess of numbers and no design in mind for your hard work. I have broken the process into 3 segments, each with your unique set of measurements and design focus. I most often use materials with a 2 inch stretch so don't stress measuring exact.  I have provided online fillable form links to assist you with the measuring process and custom request details. Although the image/diagram part of each form is for your consideration, the fillable blanks under the image/diagram are for submitting your answers. When you have filled in the blanks, click submit, your form is automatically forwarded to me, no email or scan or forwarding is required it's that simple. Desktop automatically opens forms in a new window, if using phone you may have to click backward thru submit page, then form page ( 2 pages ) to access original custom request page. If there is something you would like to add please forward a note to or Instagram message @teresa.halfstreetstudio